Marathon Training Plan


Combining full range of motion strength work and HIIT training alongside longer runs, you’ll be ready to tackle this ultimate distance with confidence.



Aha, here we are, the holy grail. Unless you’re one of those next-level ultra athletes, this will be the ultimate goal for a runner, and for good reason. 26.2 miles is no joke! Trust me, I know! I am honored to be able to help guide you through your first, or help to make your next marathon smoother than the last.
Mental toughness is one of the biggest components to setting, training for, and crushing your marathon goal. Knowing that you’ve trained intentionally for a marathon is half the battle which we will do in this training plan. Setting goals that aren’t easy but attainable will help build your confidence going into your next race.
Over the course of 26.2 miles, you will climb and descend hills. Your muscles will tighten. Your joints will scream at you. Your mind will wander and you will temporarily lose focus. Having run over 100 marathons I’ve developed protocols that will help keep your mind in the race and your body from tightening up. With a full range of motion strength work and HIIT, your body will be healthier and more ready for your first or next race than with the old method of long slow distance running (LSD).


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