What Golfing Taught Me About Leaning In and Getting Started

You know how you get those “ah ha!” moments sometimes? Like when, out of the blue, something hits you and you have a big realization? That happened to me recently, and it made me see something from three different points of view. I was at a company golf outing in Arizona. Mind you, I had never really golfed and didn’t know the first thing about it. I didn’t even know how to keep track of…

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Changing Mindset

Due to Covid, the timing of the World Marathon Challenge has changed. Instead of February, it’s goingto be either June or even October. It might not seem like a big deal, but it’s actually a pretty big change,and I’ve had to fight with my mindset to finally be OK with it. I found out the day before the Boston Marathon. And that news screwed with my head pretty badly. Atthat point, because I’d been training…

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Why Running With Muscle?

When I first started running, it helped me face personal issues and deal with life’s stress. Which was atfirst good mentally. But two things happened: I was told that small meant fast and I was told that theway to be a better runner was lots of mileage. Those misconceptions gave me body image issues andinjuries. And that just decreased my self-confidence and made me feel like not a competent runner. And I see it over…

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