Tackling the World Marathon Challenge

You might have heard that, in February of 2022, I’m taking part in the World Marathon Challenge, which is running 7 marathons on 7 continents (yes, all 7!) in 7 consecutive days. Even though February might seem like a ways off, it’s coming pretty fast, and I need to be ready physically and mentally.  If you’re wondering why I chose to participate in this challenge, you’re not alone! It’s going to be physically and mentally…

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Running With Muscle Featured in CrossFit Journal

After finishing a marathon first in her age group, Karly Wilson looked at the women next to her on the podium and noticed she was bigger—more muscular—than her fellow competitors. The 28-year-old weighs 125 lb. That’s 35 lb. more than when she started running six years ago. Rather than slowing her down, the muscle has made her faster and less prone to injury, she said. “People have to know that there is a healthier way…

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Karly Wilson’s Journey to 100 Marathons—How CrossFit Helped

Karly Wilson started running in high school when she needed an outlet to help her deal with personal issues; she loved the camaraderie with the school’s team and found the exercise itself to be cathartic and the runner’s high therapeutic. She developed a love for the sport, and that carried her to run longer and longer races.  Karly’s first marathon gave her a sense of empowerment—she had chosen the race as something to do for…

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