Run fast.
Stay injury-free.

Our training plans are designed to help you meet your running goals without nagging injuries.

Our Training Approach

We take a different approach to running training.

Hatha Yoga
Stay injury-free

Stay consistent and hit race day without nagging aches and pains.

Vinyasa Yoga
Build strength

Incorporate strength training and plyometrics to build muscle effectively.

Vinyasa Yoga
Improve speed and pacing

Use targeted workouts to nail your race pace.

Build confidence
Build confidence

With consistent, varied training, you’ll enter race day ready rock n’ roll.

Vinyasa Yoga
Keep it fun

You shouldn’t dread your training program! Keep your training fun and fit it around your life.

Meet Your Coach

100 marathons and counting

Key stats:

  • 100 marathons (and counting!) with a PR of 3:01
  • 22 Boston qualifiers
  • 8 Elite Podium Spartan Race finishes

Welcome to Running With Muscle. My name is Karly Wilson, and I love food, lifting, and running—in fact, so far, I’ve run almost 100 marathons, numerous half-marathons, and some 50Ks. I started running in high school and stuck with it because it gave me a community. Later, during some trying times, I found that running also gave me purpose.

Like many runners, I had an idea in my head about what a runner was “supposed” to look like. And like many people, I also had an idea in my head about what “beauty” was. I didn’t realize that those ideas merged to shape a harmful norm that actually held me back from my true potential.

As seen in…

People Dig It

Real people with real results.

You’ve helped me learn to appreciate my body and being a strong female in the world of endurance racing!

Karly’s endurance program was amazing! She totally changed the way I trained and helped me hit splits I never thought it would be possible for me. The combination of strength training and a well-planned, speed-focused running schedule made an incredible difference. I felt so strong and prepared to head into the race and shaved 10 minutes off of my previous PR and hit both of my goals (to finish under 2 hours and to run a sub-9-minute pace).

Having Karly lead me through a marathon was unlike any marathon experience I could have imagined for myself. My training was individualized to a T, tailored to my life and my training needs on any given week. There was enough flexibility to get my ‘normal’ life things in, as well as doing the exact running/weight training I needed to be as successful as possible…This resulted in finishing at a time WAY faster than the time I was hoping for.

Honestly, I don’t think I would have ever done a full marathon without Karly.  What I really appreciated about Karly’s approach was how diverse and varied the training was over time.  In my mind training for a marathon was daunting because I just imagined it would require miles and miles of running for months on end.  This was not the case.  Karly used strength training, plyometrics, and intervals mixed in with the regular running.

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