10k Training Plan


Build on the foundation developed through your 5k and tackle your 10k with focused mobility and longer runs.



So what’s the deal with training for a 10K?  Isn’t it kind of a waste of time? Nope!
This plan is great for those who aren’t sure they can yet complete a half marathon, but really want to!  So first, congrats on getting started! Second, if you haven’t yet, go back and work on completing your 5K race really well. If you’ve already done that, then the 10K Plan is your next step.
In this plan, we will continue with the foundation you’ve built in your 5K plan by continuing to strengthen our bodies with focused mobility. We’ll also build more confidence in your distance running at the same time challenging your speeds. Pick a race that coincides with the end of this training plan and once you’ve completed that, celebrate your success! And I look forward to seeing you again in your half marathon pursuit!


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