Half-Marathon Training Plan


Regardless of whether you’re attempting this distance for the first time or ready to score a new PR, tackle the half-marathon injury-free and with more confidence.



Some would say this is the perfect race.  I know my husband thinks so. He’s done a handful of marathons and seems to think he’ll never do another one.  Little does he know that over time I can be quite convincing!
I think most people enjoy the half marathon because it’s just the right amount. 13.1 miles is quite a feat and it’s as demanding as it is rewarding. The best part is that you don’t have to do it twice! (That’s the full marathon by the way)
If you’ve been training with me this far, then I trust you’ve found this running with muscle venture quite worthwhile. You know the drill. This will take what you’ve learned from the 5K and 10K training plans and push you past your limits and help you successfully continue! I’m thankful and encouraged by your persistence! Let’s keep going and unlock this next goal!
Oh hi, I’m already a runner. I’ve done marathons and half marathons.. why do I need this? Great question! If you’ve been doing a handful of marathons already like my husband let’s talk about your goals.  Are you looking to run a faster marathon? Hitting a bit of a plateau? Are you finding yourself injured? In all pursuits, it’s prudent to stop and take a step back in order to go forward. I would suggest a stronger, faster more confided half!  If you can manage to mitigate injury, retrain how your run and consistently crush your half marathon races, I guarantee your next full marathon will go much better for you.


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