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Personal Training Plan

5k Training Plan

Eight Weeks$65

Are you looking to make a change in your life and sign up for your very first 5k? Maybe you’re a seasoned runner wondering why you just can seem to get any faster. Or, maybe you regularly find yourself battling those same frustrating running injuries! Regardless of where you find yourself in your journey of bettering yourself, I’m glad you’re here!
This is the perfect plan to kick off or simply regain your love for running! Over these 8 weeks, you can expect some confidence-building runs
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speed work,core work, strength, and mobility designed to make you faster than you currently are. Let’s be honest. If your ultimate goal is to run something longer than this 5K, don’t you think a strong 5K would be super helpful? Darn, right it is! I won’t promise that it’ll be easy, but you know, like my pal Teddy once said, nothing worth having comes easy!

10k Training Plan

Eight Weeks$80

So what’s the deal with training for a 10K?  Isn’t it kind of a waste of time? Nope!
This plan is great for those who aren’t sure they can yet complete a half marathon, but really want to!  So first, congrats on getting started! Second, if you haven’t yet, go back and work on completing your 5K race really well. If you’ve already done that, then the 10K Plan is your next step.
In this plan, we will continue with the foundation you’ve built in your 5K plan by continuing to strengthen our bodies with focused mobility. We’ll also build more
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confidence in your distance running at the same time challenging your speeds. Pick a race that coincides with the end of this training plan and once you’ve completed that, celebrate your success! And I look forward to seeing you again in your half marathon pursuit!

Full Marathon

Sixteen Weeks$150

Aha, here we are, The holy grail. Unless you’re one of those next-level ultra athletes, this will be the ultimate goal for a runner, and for good reason. 26.2 miles is no joke! Trust me, I know! I am honored to be able to help guide you through your first, or help to make your next marathon smoother than the last.
Mental toughness is one of the biggest components to setting, training for, and crushing your marathon goal. Knowing that you’ve trained intentionally for a marathon is half the battle which we will
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do in this training plan. Setting goals that aren’t easy but attainable will help build your confidence going into you’re next race. Over the course of 26.2 miles, you will climb and descend hills. Your muscles will tighten. Your joints will scream at you. Your mind will wander and you will temporarily lose focus. Having run over 100 marathons I’ve developed protocols that will help keep your mind in the race and your body from tightening up. a full range of motion strength work and HIIT, your body will be healthier and more ready for your first or next race than with the old method of long slow distance running (LSD)

½ Marathon Plan

Ten Weeks$100

Some would say this is the perfect race.  I know my husband thinks so. He’s done a handful of marathons and seems to think he’ll never do another one.  Little does he know that over time I can be quite convincing!
I think most people enjoy the half marathon because it’s just the right amount. 13.1 miles is quite a feat and it’s as demanding as it is rewarding. The best part is that you don’t have to do it twice! (That’s the full marathon by the way) If you’ve been training with me this far, then
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I trust you’ve found this running with muscle venture quite worthwhile. You know the drill. This will take what you’ve learned from the 5K and 10K training plans and push you past your limits and help you successfully continue! I’m thankful and encouraged by your persistence! Let’s keep going and unlock this next goal! Oh hi, I’m already a runner. I’ve done marathons and half marathons.. why do I need this? Great question! If you’ve been doing a handful of marathons already like my husband let’s talk about your goals.  Are you looking to run a faster marathon? Hitting a bit of a plateau? Are you finding yourself injured? In all pursuits, it’s prudent to stop and take a step back in order to go forward. I would suggest a stronger, faster more confided half!  If you can manage to mitigate injury, retrain how your run and consistently crush your half marathon races, I guarantee your next full marathon will go much better for you

Full-body home workout plan

Eight Weeks$75

8-Week functional fitness plan. Incorporates High intensity, core, and gymnastics movements. Perfect for at home or on the go.

Personalized Coaching and Personalized Plan


This plan is designed for individuals who have a goal. Feedback, coaching, and tailoring the plan is included.